Corporate Video Production

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Video Production is no less than creating a story. It’s an audio-visual motion which depicts a story, information or any kind of social or corporate message through moving visuals. Commonly people mistake it with video shoot and play, but, it is a process(professional) of creation. It can be animation video, corporate video, social video, product advertisement video or any short film. Video Production in whole a vast field of media. For a beginner and even for a pro, producing a video needs quality material to produce a quality video.

  • Creative script with a quality motion graphics design.
  • Clear and easy to understand message.
  • Boost your sales with strategically designed marketing materials.
  • Pleasant voice for narrating the story.
  • Quality music and sound effects.
  • Likeable characters.
  • Quality devices to capture the visuals.

Any one requirement missing from the above-mentioned points, a video can cost the client or the company. One cannot ignore the fact, that a video is representation of the company, the brand and helps in creating an impactful image in the society. Therefore, any production house/agency function responsibly.

But apart from quality content, what else must be kept in mind while dealing a video production?

  • Audience: Understanding the target audience. For whom will be the video made. Is it for the mass in general, or the kids or adult?
  • Creation of Script: Even though visuals and sound effects play key role in video making, a proper video script seats the foundation of the video. Without a proper script, a video can fail to achieve the message or propose. Like with any written content, every word should have meaning.
  • Kind of Message or Purpose: It is necessary for both the client and the agency to communicate clearly about the propose and message the video needs to have. A video represents the image of the company/ service or product in the society. Thus, it must stand on the purpose clearly sending the message accurately.
  • Mock Up: It is during the mock up phase the style/pattern and character of the video needs to be selected. It can be 3D, Whiteboard, Typography, Motion Graphic Animation etc. This must be selected as per the kind of service a company provides. For example, a 3D animation for Policy company or IT company can be a decent choice.
  • Creating a Story Board: A proper creation of Story Board with required visuals, transitions, time frame and typos can help provide a clear picture for video creation. It also helps in time saving and adds to easy understanding.
  • Managing Time: The most essential and noted issue which hinders in the path of quality video production is Time. Both client and agency should sort out the time required fro making of the video till the production. It is very necessary as it will help in both time and costing.

A video production process involves Time and Dedication. It is the most time consuming and cost-effective process in media and thus efficient in every range of processing.

Our Video Production Process

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